A tradition over 70 years

Casa Ligarò is an agricultural company specializing in the production of extra virgin olive oil and takes care of the entire supply chain from the cultivation of olive trees to processing and bottling.
Casa Ligarò complements production with agritourism, and territorial and cultural promotion.
Casa Ligarò stands out for the high quality of its products because it manages to combine innovation with tradition, modernity with the deep knowledge handed down over the years by the rural family.
Casa Ligarò guarantees the traceability of the product, from the ground to the table, thanks to a full internal production process.
Casa Ligarò is a brand that represents the pride of Calabria not only in Italy but also in Europe, the United States of America, and China.
The offering of Casa Ligarò is aimed at the most demanding customers, who are looking for quality products but also for an optimal balance between price and quality.

Foundation year
Hectares of cultivation
Liters of annual production

“Olea prima omnium arborum est”

Among all trees, the top place belongs to the olive tree

(Columella, 1′ century)

The world of Casa Ligarò

Production area

Spread over more than 450 hectares, located mainly on the high hills of the Ionian region around Catanzaro, in the heart of Calabria.

Oil mill

Contrada Pagani, Andali (CZ).The most advanced technology that allows the processing of olives without adding water, only with mechanical cold processes.

Bottling plant

Cropani Marina (Cz). Our bottling plant is equipped with modern processing lines that allow the properties of the oil to remain unaltered.

Pagani farmhouse

Contrada Pagani, Andali (CZ). The Pagani farmhouse of Casa Ligarò is the ideal place for those looking for a relaxing stay in a rural atmosphere.

Oil museum

Cropani (CZ). Casa Ligarò is committed to the recovery of an ancient oil mill located in the historic center of Cropani and which now houses an oil museum.

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