The production

The supply chain

From the earth to the table. This is the secret of Casa Ligarò, thanks to which the company guarantees the consumer the qualitative excellence of the productions.
The production cycle begins with the cultivation of luxuriant olive groves and ends with the packaging of the product, ready for consumption, thus creating a supply chain process that is completely internal to the company.
The olives are treated with the attention and care that are reserved for the precious raw materials, in the awareness that the quality of the oil produced depends primarily on the quality of the olives grown, harvested, and transformed in the territories owned by Casa Ligarò, which in 70 years of history has never entrusted any work to third parties.

The olive tree

Recentely, the cultivation area has also extended to countries such as Australia, Argentina, California, and New Zealand, but these productions fail to match the quality level of the European ones, and in particular the Italian ones .
The organoleptic qualities of olive oil depend on many variables, but above all the environmental characteristics of the place of production determine the quality of the finished product.
The olive tree is an integral part of the Mediterranean landscape and the history of all the populations that live in the area that overlook this sea. Olive oil, in fact, has found numerous applications over time, so much that in past ages it was used, not only as food, but even for medicinal, religious, magical-ritual, and other purposes.

The olive groves of Casa Ligarò occupy a wide range of hills and foothills of the Ionian area around catanzaro that extends mainly in the municipalities of Andali, Cerva and Cropani.
Therefore, the production area coincides with the offshoots of the Sila mountain massif that degrade towards the coastal plain and the Ionian Sea, right in the middle of the wide Gulf of Squillace, where the Magno-Greek and Roman colonies were built and flourished since the 6th century B. C..
The edaphic and climatic conditions of this area make it suitable for the cultivation of the olive tree. The land is predominantly of granitic origin.
In some cases you can see limestone outcrops, in others the olive tree grows in soils of clayey origin. These elements are excellent for the most widespread variety in this area, the Carolea, as evidenced by some old olive groves, sometimes more than 100 years old and perfectly acclimatized.

The climate is temperate-warm, typical of the Mediterranean area and characterized by mild winters, hot and dry summers, rainfall concentrated in the fall-winter period, occasional snowfall, and at least ten months a year with an average monthly temperature above 10°C.
The winds are very variable. Constant winds and low atmospheric humidity also contribute to making the air particularly healthy. The high solar radiation, accentuated by the prevalent exposure to the south, also allows an intense photosynthetic activity and therefore the perfect maturation of the drupes.
To these peculiar pedoclimatic conditions is added the cultivation attitude of the olive cultivar widespread in the production area (Olea europea sativa cv. Carolea), obtained from the wise selection made in thousands of years and cultivated with soil management methods that respect the environmental balance, which allows to obtain a final product that is the expression of typicality and genuineness.

The olives are milled in the modern oil mill located in the business center of c.da Pagani in the municipality of Andali (CZ).
The oil mill is equipped with separate production lines for conventional and organic production, with processing processes controlled and certified by Suolo and Salute, a control body recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
The most advanced technology of the processing plant, allows us to process olive oil without adding water and only using mechanical cold processes.

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The bottling plant

The final phase of the supply chain takes place in the Cropani Marina (CZ) plant, equipped with modern bottling and packaging lines.

The technological equipment of the plant and the high standards of safety and control ensure optimal working conditions for workers and guarantee the quality and health of the products.
This structure houses a large exhibition space with an annexed tasting point, an analysis laboratory, and a room equipped for panel testing.

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